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The Saturday Chronicle

The Saturday Chronicle

Vol 1, Issue 2

The Saturday Chronicle is a digest of the most interesting things that caught my eye over the past week. Subscribe to have the Saturday Chronicle delivered weekly to your inbox.


Clubhouse Interview on The Creator Economy w/ Naval Ravikant, Sahil and Ben Thompson

This is a must watch bootlegged video of a clubhouse session between three of the best content creators on the internet. If you make money, or want to make money online, this is the video for you.

‌The Key Metric No One Talks About With Sleep

Pete Ross walks his readers through how he's hacked his sleeping routine, and provides actionable tips on how to sleep better. Parents, check this one out.

Founder Led Companies Outperform the Rest--Here's Why

Oldie but goodie. This is one of my favorite articles from Harvard Business Review. It asks the question, why do Founder-led companies outperform professional CEOs on almost every metric? Super insightful for investors or job seekers looking to plot their next move.

And finally...

We close this week with a video of 1000 rockers simultaneously jamming to the Foo Fighter's Learn to Fly. They put on the show to persuade Dave Grohl to come play in Cesena, Italy. Check it out, it won't disappoint!

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