I’m a huge fan of reading lists. Things I can easily dip into and out of and gather new insights from. It helps me refresh my mind when I’m feeling uninspired, or just to help spark new ideas for potential projects. That’s why I started curating lists a while ago – to gather the best of the best for my colleagues and myself.  Below you'll find articles, books, videos, and podcasts that have been instructional and meaningful to me, and I thought it would be fun to share with you.

Big Thinkers

  • Balaji Srinivasan on the Tim Ferris Show [podcast]
    Balaji Srinivasan discusses the future of Bitcoin and Ethereum, how to become noncancelable, the path to personal freedom and wealth in a New World, the changing landscape of warfare, and more.  It's long, but it's 4 hours very well spent.