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1 Crucial Thing People Tend To Miss About Entrepreneurship

1 Crucial Thing People Tend To Miss About Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship should be your last resort.

Willing a company into existence is hard—really hard. And It's risky. Everyone knows about financial risks, but those can be hedged. What about the mental health risks? Or personal relationship risks?

I find these items are taboo to all but those who have lived and fought in the trenches. These distinguished Veterans of Entrepreneural Endeavors know better.

Ask any of them and they'll tell you the same thing—there's absolutely nothing glamorous about Entrepreneurship.

I admit, the IDEA of Entrepreneurship is sexy—real sexy.

Especially when you can use OPM (pronounced "opium" or other people's money). What's there to lose?

Your life, for one. No, not literally (usually). But like opium, OPM is addictive. Once you take it, there's a good chance you'll be back for more. And like any addiction, with every hit you need more and more OPM to keep getting up in the morning.

And your dealer? You're married to them for the next decade or more. ‘Til death do us part.

And if the stats are to be believed, death is highly probable.

"But that won't happen to me, I'm building a lifestyle business."

I've never understood the term "Lifestyle business". Anyone who's ever run a business will tell you it's a terrible lifestyle.

Every employee or partner comes with baggage. And they love to share. As for you, your own baggage is overflowing in the corner. Your significant other is screaming at you from the other room asking when you'll finally be done for the day. It's past midnight.

You have problems, lots of problems. But here's the thing, so does the rest of your team. And they're looking at you to solve them.

Lifestyle my ass.

No, there's only one reason anyone would set out to become an Entrepreneur, and it comes with two conditions:

  1. There's such a glaring market need that a new business HAS to be built in order to solve it, and
  2. You care so much about solving the need that you'll do whatever it takes to do it.

That's it. You do it because if you don't, it won't exist. Nobody else is going to come along to do it. It must be done, by you, right now. Otherwise don't bother.

No wonder so many famous Entrepreneurs are assholes. Type A assholes tend gravitate to point #2. And the McKinsey Bros who want to play startup soon turn into Type A assholes when they find out that #1 alone isn't going to cut it.

And nobody enjoys spending all day with an asshole (proctologists excluded).

For my money, the average person is better off joining arms with someone already working to accomplish your goals. Go kick some ass together. It's a hell of a lot more fun that way.

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